Wireless Follow Focus – Arri UMC-4


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The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 allows ARRI’s Electronic Control System to function as anautonomous, camera-independent system. With it, up to three different hand units can be used tocontrol focus, iris and zoom motors on any lens, attached to any camera. Lens data can be displayedon the WCU-4 hand unit and used for focus tracking, while also being stored with timecode for VFXapplications in post. Multiple interfaces facilitate compatibility with peripheral equipment.
3 Axis Lens Control
The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 is an advanced 3-axis motor controller. Up to three different hand units can connect to the UMC-4 at the same time, controlling focus, iris and zoom on any camera. The intuitive user interface helps to quickly setup the system and makes it easy to use. The high-quality outdoor antenna offers improved durability and reliable radio connectivity.


  • 3-axis motor controller for any camera
  • Accurate lens data with any lens
  • Tilt and roll sensor
  • Lens metadata and timecode capture to SD card
  • Focus tracking with UDM-1
  • Serial interfaces (RS232/422/485)
  • Ethernet interface for IT integration
  • Optional interfaces to broadcast-style focusand zoom demands